Friday, November 15, 2013

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hammerspace - Volume 1: Reset, Repair, Restore

Funny how in a private message on a stormy Friday night I received this album from Hammerspace (thank you), just in time to give me an outlet an escape from the sad absolute shit that I am experiencing at this very moment. I am drawn into this albums beauty of darkness and sadness. My present internal emotion that I hide so well from those that happen to admire me the happy smiling redheaded girl its all crap (well this weekend anyways) if I must say. If only I could Reset, Repair, Resort.
This album is absolutely amazing and beautifully crafted, giving you permission to be angry and justifying the reason to want to break someone’s face but yet makes you want to fall to your knees like a weak little bitch and cry your eyes out….haha…someone pass me the fucking alcohol because being numb is more appealing.
Enjoy this album my friends it is beautiful...very complex everything about this album is perfect. This album is not for your everyday playlist, but when you're lost in something so deep in your head whether sad or absolute fucking raging with anger this album is sure to comfort. Thrashy and heavy at times….it is a sure splendor.
Favorite tracks on the album the whole fucking thing!!!
Play it loud!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Deep Coma - Recording Abnormal Psychotic Episodes
Ready set play!!! Deep Coma and beer my favorite combo, I’m always excited when one of my top 5 bands I follow comes out with a new album. YIPPEE!!!
This album has to be the best among the other Deep Coma albums…Tito delivers a superior album and fans of Deep Coma will be happy with this album.  Maldor Evyl delivers some great vocals  and Tito’s superior with the right balance of psychotic disorder taking you from happy to sad…this album like other Deep Coma albums gracefully alters a listener's ability to think clearly, make good judgments, respond emotionally, communicate effectively, understand reality, and behave appropriately. Clever and well thought, as Deep Coma’s biggest fan I appreciate their ability to fuck with my emotions. They do it with an effortless approach.
This album is a good addition to any day to day play list. Stop to listen to the details in the music beautiful and it’s more than you think it is. Get lost in the music and allow yourself to experiences the roller coaster ride that is a psychotic disorders.
Favorite tracks on this album Blu Giallo Rosso, A Dance Of Snowflakes Under Moonbeams, Crime Scene…you won’t be disappointed.
Play it loud and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Torn Flesh Records tshirts available
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Still have some Brutally Honest Music shirts available. Support your local NetLabel. Buy one. (That and he needs beer money, haha). $15 plus shipping. Paypal accepted. TFR bands get discount.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Torn Flesh Records Presents - Brutally Honest Music
Happy 500 albumsTorn Flesh Records (even thought as I write this its already 504 fuck I’m slow)…seem like yesterday I found TFR on Myspace…well I’ll give the credit to my #1 love that Sexy Beast Elephantknuckle. 500 fucking albums amazing!!!! Brutally Honest Music.
60 tracks and 1 bonus alcho-pella-gore (what the fuck is that) on this beauty over 3 hours of orgasmic bliss. DAMN this lady need new batteries…lol. CHEERS fuckers!!! Sure it’s too early be drinking…but it sounds like a war zone with all the thunder and lightning outside my window, well it’s just a hurricane brewing in water. Sure perhaps I should be out buying supplies since all I got is rum to drink. Awww Bloodington would be proud.
Who are you going to find on this album? Well of course my favorites!!! These are bands you should all know and have downloaded and on your daily playlist… DEEP COMA, Gore Obsessed , BLOODINGTON, BUKOWSKI FAMILY, Redneck Zömbiez, Ritalin Attack, Mean D Meaney, Putrified J, Skull Incision, Fungus Inc, A Plumbers Nightmare, Embers and that SEXY Bitch I call Elephantknuckle…and many, many more.
New Loves and bands you should also know…Traitor , Hammerspace (fucking love!!!) Battle Pope, Engorged With Decadence…. So many more!!!!
I’m sure you have all purchased your new TFR Brutally Honest Music T-Shirts from TFR…I’m wearing mine right now as I write this review. Support this poor bastard, seems that according to his latest interview he can only afford Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer…fuck!!! sounds borderline food stamp candidate to me…lol.
CHEERS TFR to 500 (well 504 albums I’m slow) and to 500 more. I will also remind everyone that TFR remains the best in the underground music scene and is just brutally honest music where the bands are always #1 and music is always free.
Now go my little children…download this album and burn some cds…share them like the fucking bible….spread the word, spread the music, spread the truth, TFR world domination…until the whole world burns to the ground…KEEP IT TORN!!!!